Product development


We help companies responding to the increased demand for development and design capacities and support their design department with our own resources. The form of cooperation is from complete outsourcing of development and design activities to mutual cooperation.


  • We work exclusively with our equipment
  • Flexible design capacities


We offer a complete range of design services from product development, to design, prototypes and series production for engineering companies. We are mostly experienced in the development or upgrade of structural units, in particular in the industrial manufacturing of transport technology, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, special vehicles and mechanical engineering equipment.


In the introductory part of the project plan, we carry out studies, solution proposals, price calculations. We outsource special requirements, such as patent research and industrial design.

  • Studies
  • Innovative and new technical solution proposal
  • Prototyping
  • Rendering and visualizations


The services offered in this area cover a complete cycle of development work. Sometimes we upgrade the existing structure, sometimes we start from scratch. We put a big emphasis on innovation, part and structural unit optimization.

  • Concept
  • Design and modeling of machine parts and assemblies
  • Photogrammetry and point cloud processing
  • Component built-in
  • Design of hydraulic circuits


In the final pre-production stage of the project, we prepare technical documentation according to the required standards (DIN, ČSN, ISO) and the contractor’s standards. We can digitize older technical drawings. We adequately respond to trends in Industry 4.0 initiative and we can prepare digital models for zero-drawings production.

  • Drawing and product documentation
  • Service manuals
  • Technical assembly instructions
  • Digitalization of 2D production documentation