Product development


We help companies meet the increased demand for development and construction capacities and strengthen their design department from our own resources. The form of cooperation is complete outsourcing of development and construction activities or mutual cooperation.


  • We work exclusively with our equipment
  • Flexibility


For engineering companies we offer design office services in full product design and development. We have the most experience with the development or modernization of structural units, especially in the industrial areas of agricultural and forestry machinery production, transport and handling technology and general engineering.


In the introductory part of the project plan, we carry out studies, solution proposals, price calculations. We out-of-the-way special requirements such as patent schmages.

  • Studies
  • Innovations
  • Desing new technical solutions
  • Visualizations


The services offered in this area cover a complete cycle of development work. Sometimes we modernize the existing structure, other times we start from almost zero. The goal is not to have the last word, but to have a working product.

  • Concept
  • Design and modeling of machine parts and assemblies
  • Photogrammerie and processing of the point cloud
  • Component built-in
  • Design of hydraulic circuits


In the final pre-production phase of the project, we will prepare technical documentation according to the required standard (DIN, ČSN, ISO).

  • Drawing and documentation
  • Assembly decomposition
  • Assembly instructions
  • Digitalization of drawing